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Closed Strip Clubs in Las Vegas Nevada

Glitter Gulch

  • Cover: Varies
  • Location: Downtown Fremont Street
  • Clothing: Topless
  • Payments Accepted: Cash & Credit Cards
  • Alcohol: Yes
  • Food: No
  • Hours: 1 P.M. – 4 A.M.
  • Parking: No

Nestled in downtown Las Vegas, with easy access from Fremont Street the Glitter Gulch topless strip club is a little more grunge than Sin City’s Strip-side competitors but promotes no cover charge (though the standard two-drink minimum). Despite its small size, Glitter Gulch offers over 20 tables with views of the club’s main stage and themed solo stages, including a piano-shaped stage and others made to look like blackjack tables. The Gulch is affordable—lap dances range around the $20—and drinks at the similar prices to what you might find on the Strip.

Vince Neil’s

  • Cover Varies
  • Location 1514 Western Ave (15 mins from strip)
  • Clothing Topless
  • Payments Accepted Cash & Credit Cards
  • Alcohol NO
  • Food No
  • Hours 6 P.M. – 6 A.M.
  • Parking No

What’s a millionaire rock star to do after fronting one of the biggest rock bands in history, racing Indy cars, airing dirty laundry on “reality” television, founding a vineyard, opening a tattoo shop on the Las Vegas Strip and creating your own tequila brand? Why, build your own strip club of course.
Vince Neil has pledged to revolutionize the world of Vegas strip clubs with the hard rock and hard bodies at Girls, Girls, Girls. GGG is a club where hip-hop and techno are not tolerated and the girls are preferred tatted and pierced. Vince has spared no expense and the club itself is almost as beautiful as the girls within. A giant chandelier is surrounded by three smaller stages and an exquisite glass-wall waterfall encompasses the opulent co-ed bathrooms….Read review and get more details


  • Cover $40 For Non Locals
  • Location 3500 W. Naples Dr
  • Clothing Topless
  • Payments Accepted Cash & Credit Cards
  • Alcohol Yes
  • Food Gourmet
  • Hours 4 P.M. – 6 A.M.
  • Parking Valet/Self Parking

If you prefer your ladies to have a little extra junk in the trunk then check out Privilege Club Las Vegas.  This place understands the importance of service – whether it’s a late-night gourmet meal, a bottle of wine from their extensive wine cellar, or simply the finest topless dancers, strip club Privilege has it all.  With full valet service and a spectacular entrance, just walking into this club lets you know that you’re in for a night to remember.  For an extra-special experience, a private elevator will take VIPs upstairs, where a fireplace, private boxes and great views of the circular stage below await.

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