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The Best Beach Bachelorette Party Destinations in the U.S. & Mexico

Planning a beach bachelorette party and not sure where to go exactly? From California hideaways to epic Florida party scenes to international escapes, these beach bachelorette party destinations are guaranteed to serve up tons of sun and fun.

woman standing on the beach with arms around each other

Your big day is right around the corner, so it’s time to gather your girls for a beach bachelorette party filled with all the sun, sand, and oceanside cocktails your heart desires. Of course, you’ll want to pick just the right spot for a celebration to remember, but if you’re overwhelmed by the best bachelorette party destinations and don’t know what to choose — we’ve got you totally covered. We’ve taken all the legwork out of scouting so you can spend less time researching the top beach bachelorette party locations and more time shopping for the perfect bathing suit.

la jolla cove

Beach Bachelorette Party Destinations on the West Coast

Home to arguably some of the best beaches in the contiguous United States, California is a bachelorette destination no-brainer. With beach bachelorette party beach destinations like Laguna Beach, Malibu, Santa Monica, and San Diego, there’s no shortage of spots to enjoy the Pacific with a group of gal pals by your side. For a Santa Barbara bachelorette party, book a stay at the world-renowned Four Seasons Biltmore or Fess Parker Resort where you’re a short drive away from local attractions like the Santa Barbara Botanic Gardens, Lotusland, and Shoreline Park. If you’re looking to venture a bit further down the California coastline, enjoy the Estancia La Jolla in La Jolla for a beach and spa experience all rolled into one. While you’re there, take in the must-sees like Balboa Park and La Jolla Cove.

bahia honda state park in florida

The Best Beach Bachelorette Party Destinations on the Gulf Coast

With endless beaches along the gorgeous Gulf Coast, Florida is an easy favorite for getaways. Miami Beach, Clearwater, Destin and Key West can offer up some of the best bachelorette party beach destinations in the state, but don’t overlook the hidden gems like Caladesi Island or the quaint resort community, Seaside. Not only is Seaside home to some of the cutest pastel-colored houses and top-notch accommodations like The Pearl Hotel, but it’s also a hop, skip, and a jump from the beautiful Rosemary Beach. If a glamorous Miami bachelorette party is more up your alley, snag a stay at the Eden Roc Miami Beach Resort, or journey down to the Keys to experience breathtaking natural beauty at the Bahia Honda State Park. No matter which spot you choose, Florida will be a wonderful backdrop for your beach bachelorette party.

myrtle beach south carolina

The Best Beach Bachelorette Party Destinations in the Southeast

If you find yourself drawn to the Southeast coast for a weekend with your girls, you’ll find plenty of beautiful beaches right at your fingertips. Myrtle Beach, Hilton Head, Outer Banks, Tybee Island, and Jekyll Island—just to name a few—offer a stunning oceanside oasis, not to mention endless fun resorts to celebrate your last days as a single lady. Check out traveler favorites like The Sea Pines Resort in Hilton Head or Myrtle Beach Marriott Resort & Spa, and don’t forget to stop for an Instagram at the historic lighthouses you’ll find in the area including, Bodie Island Lighthouse or Harbour Town Light.

lighthouse on martha's vineyard

The Best Beach Bachelorette Party Destinations in the Northeast

Nautical adventures on your beach bachelorette party agenda? Look no further than Northeast go-to’s like Nantucket, Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard, or Newport, Rhode Island. With an amazing blend of sun and sea—not to mention, some of the best seafood you’ll ever get your hands on—the Northeast coast offers amazing bachelorette beach party destinations with a preppy twist. Grab your girls for an incredible experience at The Ocean House in Rhode Island or try Harbor View Hotel situated on Martha’s Vineyard. When you aren’t busy enjoying a glass of bubbly or a lobster roll, make sure to take in the area’s abundance of luxury shopping and ocean views. Looking to spot a celeb or two after a day at the beach? Consider a Hamptons bachelorette party.

tulum mexico

The Best Beach Bachelorette Party Destinations in Mexico

For the adventurous types, an international excursion that’s bound to be the trip of a lifetime is definitely the way to go. Mexico offers a whole host of oceanside locations for your single lady shindig—from Tulum to Cancún, to a Cabo San Lucas bachelorette party, and so many more. Don’t need any more convincing to book your beach bachelorette party? Consider the highly-rated Prana Hotel in Tulum or head to the Paradisus Cancun Resort or the Dreams Riviera Cancun Resort & Spa for an ideal Caribbean experience. In between taste testing the best tacos or sipping handcrafted margaritas, gather your ladies for a yoga class on the beach or get adventurous with a deep sea diving adventure. There’s no shortage of activities to keep those festivities rolling from morning until night. Just take a look at the best bachelorette destinations in the Caribbean for even more dreamy locales.

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20 Fun & Hilarious Bachelorette Party Games In 2020

Source: brookewaldroupphoto via Instagram

Number of players: two at once

Time needed: 30-40 minutes (depends on the number of questions)

The gist:

Like a real lie detector test, this indoor game dares a bachelorette to answer rather private and embarrassing questions about herself, or more commonly, about the groom. The game can have multiple levels of difficulty, depending on how well the players know each other.

The bachelorette’s opponent uses her intuition to figure out which of the answers is the truth. Depending on the participants, the game can be clean but is usually R-rated.

What to prep:

  1. The rules of the game are such, that it doesn’t require any specific preparation, but it is better to have some questions prepared in advance before the game begins.
  2. One of the preparation points would be making sure that everyone has enough alcohol available and shot glasses.

How to play:

Step 1. Two bachelorette party guests step forward to face each other, one on either side of the “lie line”. Their task is to ask each other daring questions and guess if their opponent’s answers were the truth or lies.

Step 2. The person who asked the questions, later confirms the answer – whether the guess was right or wrong.

Step 3. The one who guesses wrong must drink from the bottle of alcohol. The person with the most points wins. You can also have the group divided up into teams, and when the team member guesses wrong the entire team has to take a shot.

Source: tutto_print via Instagram

Number of players: 3-10+

Time needed: 30 minutes

The gist:

As with other ‘drink if’ bachelorette party games, ‘Guess who’ helps the guests to know each other better. In fact, this one game that works better if the guests are not that well acquainted. The game itself can be either clean or R-rated, depending on the questions. It also involves alcohol, makes sure that there are some mock-tail options and soft drinks for those who choose to not imbibe.

What to prep:

  1. Pieces of paper to write the secrets on.
  2. Pens for writing, fun bridal themed pens are great for these types of gatherings and ad more novelty to the games.
  3. Small bowl to put the secrets in.
  4. Several bottles of spirits as well as some non-alcoholic beverages or mock-tails.

How to play:

Step 1. Each guest writes a secret of herself on a piece of paper. The secret can be about anything at all – it doesn’t necessarily have to be something very personal, but the more risque and personal the better and the more fun everyone has in the sharing.

Step 2. When all the secrets for this round are written down, the players drop them all in a decorative bowl, a punch bowl or bridal decorated game bowl works great. If you do not have a glass bowl, a fancy hat or a decorated paper bag will do.

Step 3. Everyone then takes one secret out of the bowl and reads it out loud before taking a guess as to who wrote it.

Step 4. If a guest gets the writer right, the writer takes a shot of alcohol. If the guest gets it wrong, she takes a shot.

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The Guide to the Ultimate Bachelor Party in Las Vegas

Before getting locked into marriage, the groom is usually treated to one of the craziest nights of his life, the bachelor party.

One of the best destinations for bachelor parties is the City of Sin, the nexus of nude nights, the residence of irresponsibility—Las Vegas. Food, booze, and boobs, in that order or in reverse and twice the serving size. Vegas is just that kind of luxe.

It may be the last time a groom can enjoy a night as a single bachelor before marriage responsibilities kick in. So what better place to be irresponsible and go wild, the Strip of Las Vegas.

Vegas isn’t just about gambling. There are a ton of activities that will make it the ultimate bachelor party destination.

If your thinking about having your bachelor party in Las Vegas and don’t know where to start, we’ve created this guide so you can make the ultimate Vegas bachelor party happen!

Chapter 1: What makes a bachelor party great.

Chapter 2: Ideas for things to do at the bachelor party

Chapter 3: Organizing the bachelory party

Chapter 4: Planning the trip to Las Vegas

Chapter 5: What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas

Chapter 1: What Makes a Bachelor Party great?

Planning a bachelor party may seem like a daunting task, but it’s simple if you keep in mind these three key points:

  • Keep it centered on your groom

    It’s his celebration; his last rodeo as an unmarried person. The groom is the star of the show, so make it everything about him. Tailor fit the event to suit the groom’s personality. All their expenses must be paid by you and the guests.

  • Create a fun, unique, and a once-in-a-lifetime experience

    A bachelor party is a prime time to go wild! It’s meant to create memories that will last a lifetime, so do things that will help make those memories.

  • Enjoy the party but keep things under control (sort of)

    Keep an eye on your groom. You do not want him to do something that he’ll regret, like cheating on their bride or getting STD from a stripper. Have fun but don’t let it get too overboard.

    While Hangover was a great movie, you might not want to let things get that out of control.

Chapter 2: Ideas for Things to do at the bachelor party

To give you an idea of what activities to do, here are some of the best bachelor party concepts:

  • Attend a sporting event

    Vegas is home to the Vegas Golden Knights of the National Hockey League. Boxing and MMA are also some of the big events held in Vegas, and the future home of the Las Vegas Raiders.

    Check if there’s a game coming up and preorder tickets to the event for your party. You may even ask the organizers or stadium to put your groom’s name up in the scoreboard for a nice touch.

  • Pub crawl

    The City of Sin is filled with vice and alcohol. Take on the Vegas challenge by visiting one nightclub and bar in every hotel on the strip! Plan a week for this challenge, it may not be possible to do it in one night.

  • Private strip show

    Before entering matrimony, bachelor parties are the perfect time for the groom to live out their long desired unholy sins. That’s why you need strippers! And Vegas hasmany of the best entertainers in that field.

  • Sports tournament

    Is your groom athletic? Organize a competition with your everyone that’s attending. Las Vegas has various sports clubs and golf courses.

Chapter 3: Organizing the bachelor party

If planning isn’t your thing, below are the steps you can follow to organize the bachelor party:

  1. Pick a date

    The ideal time for a bachelor party is around two weeks to 2 months before the wedding. Give the groom a little time to recover from any hangover or post-party fever.

    The next part can get tricky. Ask the groom and your guests if they can be available around that time. Make sure the key players (the groomsmen and best man) can be there. Some may not make it, but the show must go on. Consider their situation and aim for a date that’ll work for almost everyone.

  2. Get the gang together

    Let the groom’s inner circle know that you’re planning a bachelor party. Make sure that they are all cool with the groom; you don’t want to invite someone who’ll make things awkward (e.g., their future father-in-law).

    Get many people on board to make the groom’s night more memorable, remember some places in Vegas may give discounts for large groups.

  3. Find out what the groom wants

    A bachelor party must always be based on the groom’s personality and preferences. As their friend, you may already have an idea of what they like and what they don’t. But it’s often a good idea to talk to your groom about your plans. They may feel may just want to stay sober rather than spend a night drinking.

    If it’s going to be a surprise party, you can work with the bride or the groom’s relatives to find out for you. Or if you’re crafty enough, you can rephrase your questions to make it seem like it’s not related to the groom and their wedding.

  4. Decide on a budget

    Bachelor parties are usually going to be expensive, but they are always covered by the best man/woman and the rest of the guests. The groom should never have to spend any money.

    Check how much each guest can afford, then settle on a price per head. Include in your calculations the travel and accommodation costs. Be sure to factor in the cost of getting some gifts to make the bachelor party more fun.

    If tight on hotel budget, just make sure the groom gets his own bed. The rest of the gang can share a couch.

  5. Plan where to go and what to do

    Once you have the budget, the party’s timeframe, and the groom’s preferences, you can start listing down destinations and the activities available in Vegas.

    Las Vegas is a big city, and there will be tons of attractions and events to choose from. You’ll learn some of thebest things to do in Vegas in the later part of this guide.

  6. Make reservations

    Be sure that everything is set for the party by calling your target hotels and venues—especially restaurants—weeks ahead and making reservations for your group.

    You can inform them of the occasion. Some places will give a little courtesy treat for the groom, like a congratulatory message. If they don’t do it voluntarily, you can ask the management if it’s something they can do. Things like that will make your groom feel special.

  7. Stay on top of things and keep it fun

    You may have to face problems during a bachelor party, particularly with big ones. Arguments, accidents, ailments—it’s your job as the organizer to sort things out and make sure that everyone’s having a good time.

    A good way to do this is through a buddy system. Pair people up so that they can be responsible for each other’s well-being. Grouping them in threes is even better.

    If one needs to back to the hotel early, their partner/s can take care of them, and you won’t have to cut the fun short for their sake.

Chapter 4: Planning the trip to las vegas

Now it’s time to make Vegas-specific party plans. This time it’s the real deal.

  1. Where to Stay

    Fifteen of the world’s top twenty-five hotels are in Las Vegas. It’s not too difficult to find the right place for your party. A quick search will often yield thebest party rooms in Vegas.

    Don’t skimp out on cash by renting a cheap room outside of the Strip. A great time in Vegas means crashing in hotels that are literally on top of where the parties are. Why go through all the trouble of hailing a cab when you can take an elevator up to your suite?

    1. Bachelor Party Suites

      As one of the usual destinations for bachelor parties, many hotels in Vegas havesuites themed for such events. The Skyline Suites at the MGM Grand, the Absolute Suite at Caesars Palace, the Bachelor Pad at the Hard Rock Hotel are some of the most popular choices.

      Most of these suites will have a wet bar pre-stocked with alcohol and spirits. Hotels will even let you choose and name your poison.

  2. Where to eat

    All that debauchery can make one hungry . . . for food, that is. Were you thinking of something else? Down, boy, and mind your table manners. It’s time for supper.

    If your groom is a foodie, many of Vegas’s establishments are some of the best in the world—receiving accolades from culinary critics like Michelin, AAA, Forbes, and James Beard.

    1. Fine Dining

      Care for class and some sophisticated French? Then try somefine dining at a Michelin-starred establishment; namely, the following three:

      • Joël Robuchon

        He is the only Michelin three-star chef in Las Vegas, and his restaurant in the MGM Grand is hailed by Gourmetmagazine as one of the top five restaurants in the United States. In fact, seigneur Robuchon may be the most awarded chef in the whole world!

        That’s why you should try his 16-course degustation menu while you’re in Vegas. The restaurant does require his patrons to dress formally, so have your best suit ready when walking their marble floors and verdant garden terrace.

      • Restaurant Guy Savoy

        Michelin two-star chef, Guy Savoy, owns and cooks off one of the most romantic restaurants in Las Vegas.

        Seigneur Savoy considers a dish’s aroma to be an important part of his art. Thus, his restaurant in Caesars Palace doesn’t have any flowers, nor does he allow his staff to wear perfume, so that the scent of his food will always permeate in the air of his establishment.

        With scent, taste, and texture, dining at Guy Savoy’s can be an unforgettable experience than a simple meal.

      • Picasso

        The last but certainly not the least of Vegas’s Michelin triumvirate, two-star chef Julian Serrano helms the Picasso at the Bellagio. Decorated with paintings from world-renowned Pablo Picasso, the establishment promises a fully sated experience with an elegant charm on the side.

        Seigneur Serrano’s signature dishes are the warm quail salad and the roasted milk-fed veal chop.

    2. Buy a “Buffet of Buffets” Pass

      Trying out Vegas’s buffets is a must, especially for the famished, but most of them are usually filled with a lot of people.

      So get a Buffet of Buffets pass for your party to bypass the line. Why waste time starving when you can just walk to the table and grab some grub?

      The Buffet of Buffets pass can be bought at any Total Rewards® Center (except Planet Hollywood). The pass can get you into five buffets within a 24-hour period, if you time it right, it can cover breakfast, second breakfast, lunch, supper, and dinner!

      Per person, it’s priced at $59.99 plus tax when bought between Sundays to Thursdays and at $74.99 plus tax on weekends and holidays.

      The pass is accepted in any of the participating buffets:

      • Flamingo: Paradise Garden Buffet
      • Harrah’s Las Vegas: Flavors, The Buffet
      • Paris: Le Village Buffet
      • Planet Hollywood: Spice Market Buffet
      • Caesars Palace: Bacchanal Buffet*
      • Rio: Carnival World & Seafood Buffet*

      *You can upgrade your pass to include the Bacchanal Buffet and the Carnival World & Seafood Buffet.

      Bacchanal Buffet upgrade cost:

      Brunch/lunch – $25 per visit; dinner – $35 per visit

      Carnival World & Seafood Buffet upgrade cost:

      $25 per visit irrespective of the meal period

      Ready to splurge? Check out thesetips for eating at a buffet in Vegas.

  3. How to get around

    It’s costly and challenging for a group to commute around Las Vegas in multiple cabs. Fortunately, there are many other transportation options than just taxis.

    1. Hire a car and a driver

      A handful of limo services are available around the Strip and can take you and your party anywhere you want to go.

      It’s also a good idea too, because you don’t want any member of your party to drive if there is drinking and debauchery involved.

      Your party’s too big for a limo? Rent a party bus! Then you can cruise around Vegas and stylishly revel nonstop from venue to venue.

    2. Maximize free limo rides

      Hotels, big strip clubs, and several establishments have complimentary limo rides for their guests.

      Usually, hotel limo services can pick your group up from the airport, while strip clubs and other businesses can send a limo, party bus, or luxury car to take you from your hotel to the establishment.

    3. Ridesharing

      Small parties can always rideshare. Las Vegas has Uber and Lyft as popular choices for that. They also operate 24/7; none of your guests will be stranded or get left behind with that kind of service.

  4. What to do

It’s Vegas, baby! There are a ton of stuff to do in and out of the Strip. A traditional night involves gambling—a lot of gambling—and it can be fun, especially when you keep on winning. But can you?

Of course, Vegas features more than just gambling. For the adventurous band of bachelors, here are just some of the fun activities your entourage can do while in Vegas:

  1. Sports car driving

    Cruise around town in a Lamborghini, or speed through it in a Ferrari. Fulfill your groom’s childhood wish of driving a sports car.

    In Las Vegas, various car rentals have exotics and luxury cars available for rent. And it’s a wide selection too with Jaguars, Maserati, Mercedes-Benz, and even Teslas if you’re into those.

  2. b. Fly a fighter jet

Your groom’s an adrenaline junkie? Then have him fly a fighter jet!

You don’t need to have any flight training to take to the skies. Sky Combat Ace can give you themost extreme aviation experience of a lifetime.

Aerial acrobatics can range from $299 to $699 per customer. If you want to take it to the next level, you can do dogfights with your group! Those cost from $899 to $1999. A combination of the two is also possible.

    1. Shooting ranges

      Think your groom will enjoy commandeering a Humvee and shooting firearms? Take your crew to Pro Gun Club in Boulder City, Nevada—just a couple of hours’ drive southeast of Las Vegas—andcreate your own adventure!

      The range isn’t limited to standard weapons either. You can rent an M203 grenade launcher and blow things up!

    2. Water sports

      Yes, you can play in the water in the desert. On the eastern boundary of Las Vegas sits Lake Mead and the Colorado River, andthey’re fun places to get wet.

      Some activities you can there are water skiing, wakeboarding, and canoeing/kayaking along the river.

    3. Pool parties

      Do you want something tame and chill and within the city limits? Join in the daily pool parties in the Strip! Major casinos and hotels have massive pools in their premises, and copious amount of half-naked people dance all day in them.

      It’s a good way to relive your college days of frat boys and hot seniors partying in your backyard. But this time, your backyard is Las Vegas.

    4. ATV tours

      Conquer the swirling dunes of the Nevada desert and take your convoy on an ATV tour. Exhilarating rides through the waves of sand can be just as fun as surfing through waves of water.

      Plus, most tours will treat you with an epic view of the Grand Canyon at the end of the course.

    5. Go bulldozing

      Still want to play in the dirt or you just want to ride something heavy this time? In Dig This, you candrive a bulldozer or an excavator and tear the earth apart!

      You’re given 30–60 minutes to rip through one of the world’s biggest “adult sandbox.”

      They have packages for:

      4–8 people at $720.00

      5–10 people at $1232.55

      9–18 people at $1950.00

  1. How to get a VIP Club Treatment

    1. Dress Appropriately

      You’re in Vegas, andyou’re doing a bachelor party. Dress to kill!

      Most nightclubs, restaurants, and casinos have dress codes, which doesn’t allow any of these:

      • Baggy Jeans
      • Sports hats (Fedoras and the like are acceptable)
      • Sports shoes
      • Shorts
      • Cutoffs
      • Capris
      • Jerseys
      • Beanies

      Wear your best and people will be treating you like royalty.

    2. Tip generously

      If you’ve been given good service, it’s always a good courtesy to tip your waiter. Being generous will also pay off in certain ways, like getting you past the long lines of many of the night clubs and bars.

    3. Work with a host

      Admit it.Having a party in Las Vegas needs a lot of preparation, a lot of foresight and preplanning, and involves a ton of headaches. Big bachelor parties may be hard to handle alone, and you may need someone to help you organize and keep things in control.

      A host can make most Vegas trips smoother.

      For people with no patience or those who lack the skills for organizing a party, getting a VIP party host can be the best option.

      Some casinos and hotels have VIP hosts available at a premium. Their job is to plan and do everything. Plus, they have extensive connections; they know the right people in the Strip and can get you in any place you want.

    4. Schmooze your way in

      Vegas is pretty much an inclusive club. Anyone who’s someone can get the best treatment out of all establishments. If you know someone like that, then you’ll have an easier time getting on guest lists.

      But you don’t have to be Mike Tyson to enjoy Vegas. You just need to be persuasive enough—to have your silver tongue flattering your way across the tables and desks.

      Besides, mention that your buddy is getting married and that you’re taking them on theultimate bachelor party of their life and you’ll get a pass every time.

Chapter 5: What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Some things won’t’ be able to be spoken about after you leave town, but the memories of a great time will stay with you forever. Mark your night with a commemorative token and get the guys that attended some gift ideas. It’s time for your groom to come back to the real world and face the church bells, but remembering his single days with his best friends is something he will never forget.

As you leave the Sin City, bask in the afterglow of the morning after and enjoy the fact that your groom has had the best time of their life. They’ll probably be talking about it for years to come.

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How to Plan a Bachelor Party?

This post may contains references to products from one or more of our advertisers. We may receive compensation when you click on links to those products or services.

Planning an epic bachelor party is different from the kinds of parties you’ve probably thrown in the past when you’ve bought some beer and chips and invited your buddies over to watch “Top Gun” or play poker (although these are perfectly acceptable activities for a casual bachelor party)  This guide explains how to plan a truly epic bachelor party in order to avoid overlooking anything important, which is to say everything because this is a Big Deal that will reflect on you and your guests.

The guide below provides an overview of bachelor parties, a discussion concerning who should be invited, a handy checklist to help you plan a problem-free epic event, and even a helpful list of do’s and don’ts for bachelor party activities. Finally, we discuss some of the lesser-known fine points for throwing the best bachelor party ever and provide a printable checklist so that you don’t miss anything.

What is a Bachelor Party Anyway?

The popular image of bachelor parties as being a blow-out bacchanalian event that leaves everyone hung over and maybe even in jail is still applicable in some cases, but bachelor parties today are increasingly including other activities besides just strippers, dope and booze (although you should overlook any of these during your planning in case that’s what everyone wants).

In fact, bachelor parties today can include sports activities of all kinds, novel party ideas such as “extreme Frisbee,” playing baseball, going fishing or even (gasp!) educational and cultural activities. The overarching purpose of modern bachelor parties is to celebrate the groom’s big day and demonstrate your friendship in meaningful ways.

The Planner’s Checklist

The sooner you start planning for the bachelor party, the better the outcome will be, especially when there are large numbers of guests involved that require coordination and feedback to determine everyone’s preferences and make the appropriate arrangements. The planner’s checklist below can be used by the best man to help guide this process.


This step should be started as soon as you accept the role as best man, but you should allow for at least a couple of months if possible. The next steps is to start compiling a guest list and finding everyone’s email address. Create a group so that you can communicate with everyone at once if you prefer.

A general rule of thumb on determining who should be invited to the bachelor party is to not invite anyone who is not in the wedding party (but the groom’s wishes should be honored in any event). Typically, the best man, all of the groomsmen and close friends who are attending the wedding are invited.

Be sure to consult the groom about the guest list. In collaboration with the groom, contact potential invitees (you can use the email template we provide here) and ask them their preferences about a budget, food/beverages, location and entertainment venues.

Once the groom’s firm wedding date is determined, you can move on to the next step.

Select a mutually acceptable date           

This is probably the hardest part of planning an epic bachelor party, especially if you intend to travel and the party will last several days. In any event, plan the date for your bachelor party by identifying a few viable alternatives with the groom (and bride!) and sending these dates to your guests for their feedback. Stress to everyone that prompt responses are essential and they should try to make their attendance a priority.

Based on your invitees’ feedback, select a firm date that is acceptable to all and then start the next step which is identifying the optimal venue for your bachelor party as we discuss below.  

Select a great venue.

As we highlight in other parts of this site, there are countless destinations, including the best man’s basement, a local casino or a trip out of town, which can help make for an epic bachelor party.

Here again, collaborate closely with the groom concerning his preferences and be sure to send out invitations as soon as possible so that your invitees can make the appropriate arrangements to attend. Request confirmation of the receipt of the invitations if you haven’t heard back from your invitees after a couple of days. You may have to hold their feet to the fire to get a response but this step is essential for your other planning activities.

Selecting a great venue will also depend in large part on how much you intend to spend on the bachelor party as we discuss below.

Develop a budget 

Certainly, you can spend a little or a great deal on your bachelor party, but whatever you decide upon, develop a realistic budget for the event. The budget should include all of the anticipated costs of travel, entertainment, food and booze as well as any hotel or rental home reservations. You may want to “pad” the budget a little to allow for special exigencies and unexpected entertainment opportunities. If you do not exhaust the funds collected for the bachelor party budget, return any overage to your invitees post-haste.

It is traditional for the best man and groomsmen to cover the costs of the bachelor party, but this general rule does not apply if travel or especially expensive events are involved in which case everyone should pay their respective share of the costs.

You should also determine whether your invitees are amenable to chipping in for their share of any out-of-town accommodations and take up a collection (PayPal is a useful way to do this and it will help you keep track of who has paid). 

If the best man feels that the groom cannot comfortably afford his share of any expenses, he may want to cover these costs himself or again, take up a collection from your invitees for this purpose. To protect his dignity, just explain to the groom that his best friends wanted to treat him to the best bachelor party ever and this was just one way of showing it.

Getting More Specific

4 to 5 weeks before the bachelor party

The specific details of your planning will depend on your budget, venue and entertainment preferences, but be sure to take care of the important details as soon as possible, including but not limited to the following.


Many gentlemen’s clubs that specialize in bachelor parties include a meal with their VIP packages or you may want to have at least one fine dining experience by making reservations at a great restaurant that can accommodate groups. A bachelor party is a good time to try some new things, so visit a restaurant that features something different from the standard fare.

If your bachelor party is going to be more casual, you can just order a bunch of pizzas, buy some pretzels, chips and dip and everyone’s favorite beverages. If you are headed out of town for your epic bachelor party, be sure to take along enough snakes to keep everyone happy until you can hit the local grocery store.


Travel and Hotel or Rental Home Accommodations

If you are planning an out of-town event, the best man or a responsible designee should make all of the travel and arrangements for flights, hotel or rental home accommodations for everyone who is attending.

You can use the funds collected in your PayPal account to pay for these easily, a process which will also allow you to send everyone an email confirmation with their payment confirmed and recorded. Likewise, be sure to make reservations for any special requirements such as a exotic entertainers, a party boat or limousine and entertainment venues if appropriate (more on this below). 

If you are planning on a rental home, double check the local city ordinances to make sure that parties in general and bachelor party groups in particular are not prohibited from using these services.

Even if you’re renting a limousine or party bus, you’ll need to make sure that no one drives drunk during the bachelor party so designate a driver or make arrangements for your rental company to deliver all of you back to your hotel or rental home safe and sound.

Make sure you check out for the best rates on hotels around the world, and or for some baller rental homes.


When it comes to bachelor parties, the sky is literally the limit when it comes to entertainment. In fact, if you have the bucks and the desire, you can charter a private jet for your bachelor party or go parasailing or skydiving. Many cities feature party buses and limousine rentals that can make your bachelor party especially fun, and some resort cities (especially in southern Florida) offer year-round water sports of all types.

Consider attending a professional sports game, a rock concert or a really spacey IMAX movie. The historical record confirms that when a bunch of male friends get together and have a few drinks, they can have fun doing just about anything. Have a poker game or a casino night with roulette and table games and use chips for betting. The biggest winner at the end of the poker game or casino night gets to buy everyone drinks (you may have to help him find his wallet if you don’t tell everyone about this rule ahead of time).   

If you have enough guests (or even if you don’t), you can play a game of football, softball or baseball. If you are going to play football, try not to injure the groom (the best man and groomsmen are fair game).  

If you have several anglers on your guest list, you can go deep sea fishing or just opt for a local lake. Many state parks offer luxury cabins set in breathtakingly scenic surroundings, so you can enjoy a fishing adventure in comfortable style. If you are on a budget, you and your friends can camp out if the season is right and enjoy a campfire and the stars.

As noted above, be sure to ask your invitees about their entertainment preferences well in advance and share these preferences with the groom so you can decide what is best for your bachelor party. A bachelor party is not a democratic institution, though, and the groom should have the final say on what entertainment he wants.

Of course, one of the longtime traditions of bachelor parties is having one or two strippers over to entertain the groom but studies have shown that it is the groom and best man who typically engage in extramarital sex during these events. Therefore, if you don’t want to tempt the better angels of your guest of honor and potentially end his marriage before it ever gets started, you may want to limit your female entertainment to gentlemen’s clubs that specialize in bachelor parties and will even provide the groom with souvenirs which are also discussed further below.  Make sure you check out our bachelor party strippers article for local establishments and private parties.


The market is awash with kitchshy bachelor party favors, most of which involve female body parts. You may prefer to give your valued guests something better as a memento of the special event such as a customized tee-shirt, coffee mugs, beer steins or even a few grams of high quality cannabis (in states where recreational marijuana is legal – more states coming soon!) or bottles of their favorite booze.  

Finishing Up

One week before the bachelor party

Email all of the guests who have confirmed their attendance to ensure nothing has changed. Send everyone a copy of the budget and a tentative itinerary for each day’s events if you’re traveling out of town. Be sure to allow some “rest and relaxation” time in your itineraries to help your bachelor party guests recuperate from the previous night’s festivities.


The adage that “prior planning prevents poor performance” applies equally to work, love and how to plan a bachelor party. By taking a few common sense steps, though, you can make sure that the groom and groomsmen enjoy themselves thoroughly and everyone’s expectations are exceeded. Take some time to think about all of the things that could go wrong and plan for those as well.

Whatever you plan on doing or where going for your epic bachelor party, absolutely make sure the groom has a blast. Sure, you can get him drunk and draw a penis on his face, but this will make him feel “special” in the wrong sort of way. In sum, the Golden Rule applies at even the wildest bachelor parties.

Finally, make sure that everyone receives a special memento of the event such as a customized bachelor party shirt that includes the groom’s name and the date of the bachelor party and assign a willing volunteer to take lots of pictures!

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VIP Bachelor Party planning

Where are we going, what are we doing, and how much is it gonna cost me? This is the typical response to most bachelor party invites. With the CityPass, you will have the answers. This fantastic program will be your money saving key to the city. With discounts and freebies to many great locations and services located right where you live, or party for that matter. One card packed with specials on the things you need to throw the best bachelor party ever.

So keep your eyes open for the CityPass for your location.

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Why the Winter Time is a Great Idea for a Bachelor Party

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I am not going to sugarcoat things: the winter is COLD in Montreal. However, Montreal is a great bachelor party destination year round. If you can embrace the elements or don’t have any other time available during the year, the winter time can be a great idea for a bachelor party. Here is why:


[image_frame width=150 height=150 pattern=”dotted” align=”right”][/image_frame]November to April is the low season for tourism in Montreal (aside from NYE and Christmas). This means that hotels tend to have lower rates than during the peak summer months. Rooms can be $50-100 per night cheaper on average and more readily available. As always, contact us first for the best deals on hotels. winter specials.

Less Tourists

[image_frame width=150 height=150 pattern=”dotted” align=”right”][/image_frame]In the summer, there are so many tourists that the lines to the strip clubs and night clubs look like the line to the men’s room at Yankee Stadium. In the winter, the demographic of party goers is far more local. Since Montreal girls are “friendly”, the lack of aggressive tourists can work in your favour. You will be a bigger fish in a smaller pond. The strip clubs can also be a better experience as the girls are hungry and will give you more attention.

More Girls

[image_frame width=150 height=150 pattern=”dotted” align=”right”][/image_frame]Montreal has a large student population and a drinking age of 18. This means that during the school year (September to April), the clubs can have way more impressionable young drunk girls, if you are into that sort of thing… Since the winter is harsh in Montreal, people tend to be cooped up a lot so when the girls get to the clubs they want to party hard.

Winter Sports

[image_frame width=150 height=150 pattern=”dotted” align=”right”][/image_frame]If you like to ski or board, then Montreal in the winter can be ideal for a bachelor party. 90 minutes from downtown Montreal is Mont Tremblant, a resort town known for some of the best skiing in the East. Since Tremblant is so close by, you can ski there in the morning and party back in Montreal in  the evening. If you prefer, we can also help arrange for a party house for you to spend the night in at Tremblant.

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Best Bachelor Party Drinking Games! How Many Have You Played?

This post may contains references to products from one or more of our advertisers. We may receive compensation when you click on links to those products or services.

So you are on your bachelor party and looking for some ideas for games to keep the party going and the drinks flowing until blackout status.  Here are some drinking game ideas that will help make your weekend getaway even that much more enjoyable and hazier.  All of these games are groom approved.

Bachelor Party Game Ideas

Beer Pong

What better game to start things off than beer pong? You can compete with two-person teams or individually. To make it a little more fun and exciting, we recommend collecting $10 per person or $20 per team for the pot which goes to the winner.  This is a simple game to play, making it perfect for almost any setting. Basically you find a long table, 8 feet is regulation (yes there is regulations for this game).  If you cannot find a table that long, you can order this portable version of beer pong to bring with you, but you may need an extra piece of luggage to carry it.  

You would then line up the cups in the configuration shown below, and start by throwing ping pong balls back and forth to try and land in each others’ cups.  As a ball lands in the cup, that team must drink the beer from the cup and remove the cup from play.  You are allowed a total of two re-racks which can be any configuration of your choosing (see below for most popular choices).  The team that wins is the team that eliminates all the cups from the other team or individual they are playing.

You continue the game until one team has beat all the other teams in beer pong, and the winning individual or team is awarded the cash in the pot from the other remaining teams that were eliminated.

beer pong re-rack configurations

[ Beer Pong Re-Rack Configurations ]

If you are deciding to stay local you should just order a full foldable beer pong table which you can use for your bachelor party and future tailgates, concerts, etc.

Drunk Jenga

Yes, you have probably played Jenga before as a little kid and without the alcohol.  This time we are bringing back another childhood game for your bachelor party and adding an interesting twist, drinking.  Usually this game consists of 2-4 people playing who take turns pulling the wood blocks out.  Once the entire set of blocks falls, the person who pulled the last block out loses.  Here is where things get a little interesting.  Basically you get a large glass and everyone pours part of what they are drinking into that glass.  This means beer can mix with vodka or Jack Daniels, or even with wine (who drinks wine at a bachelor party?).  Anyhow, you play the game normally and the loser now has to chug the concoction that was put in that glass before the game began.

Shot Roulette

Shot Roulette is the perfect game for getting a buzz before heading to the bars or clubs.  Basically you fill each shot glass on the roulette wheel with a different type of alcohol.  One could be beer, another could be whiskey, another could be a pickleback, another could be fireball.  Each guy would pick a number or multiple numbers if you have a smaller group.  If the ball lands on your number you must take the shot in the glass that corresponds with the number.  Play this game only a few rounds or you may end up in jail by the end of the evening.

Flip Cup

This is another fun game to work in the mix.  There are two teams in this game, one on each side of the table.  Line up cups along the edge of the table and fill them with about 1/2 of a beer or less.  Two people that are lined up across from each other go first, drinking the beer from the cup and flipping it over so it lands face down.  Once the cup is flipped, the next teammate drinks his beer, flips his cup, and repeat.  Once an entire team has consumed their beer and flipped their cups, that team becomes the winner.  The next round you would start the game with two different people and continue until you all pass out from alcohol poisoning.

Make sure you pick up this flip cup kit which will help make the game more exciting:

or you can opt for a miniature version of flip cup too:

Cards Against Humanity

We are sure you have heard of this game by now.  Each player draws 10 white cards.  The person who most recently took a poop starts out as the card Czar and plays the first black card.  Basically each round the Czar (goes in clockwise rotation) asks a question with their black card, and all the players answer the question with their white cards.  The person whose white card the Czar finds the best is the winner and awarded the black card.  The person with the most black cards at the end of the game is declared the winner.

Scavenger Hunt

This game becomes much more challenging the drunker your bachelor party becomes.  Compile a list of items that each bachelor must find along their journey of barhopping.  The person who ends up with the most items at the end is declared the winner.  The creative and challenging part of this game is coming up with the items on the checklist, so we have decided to provide you with a few to make your life easier.

Make sure you order some t-shirts so everyone knows you are playing a game and not just a drunk creep.

To Do List

  • Find a female wearing purple lipstick and apply it to your lips, with a picture to confirm (do not sniff it)
  • Find a bar that serves the shot “Jeffrey” and take a shot of it.
  • Convince a girl to remove her panties and wear them on your head for a photoshoot
  • Get an unused condom from a girl, open it up, and blow it up like a balloon
  • Find a bachelorette party in your vicinity and take a picture with them
  • Get a lap dance from a random female at the bar

Loaded Kings

This is another great card/drinking game.  Each card has a different meaning and based on the card you pick you must fulfill its tasks.  Some examples of the card meaning are below.  For the Kings, you would pour some of what you are drinking into the glass located in the middle of the table.  The person who pulls the 4th king must drink the middle glass, and the game is over.  It is much easier to just purchase loaded kings online, which explain the meaning of each card directly on the card, so there is no confusion.  The cards are also waterproof which means you can spill drinks all over the cards and still use them for the next bachelor party.

6: Chicks – All girls drink – in this case it would be all guys, unless you have some strippers hanging out with you and playing the game as well.
7: Heaven – All players point towards the sky, last player to do so drinks
8: Mate – Pick a person to drink with
9: Rhyme – Say a phrase, and everyone else must say phrases that rhyme
10: Categories – Pick a category, and say something from that category (example: types of cars, and answer could be Jeep Grand Cherokee)


(also referred as Cee-Lo, and we don’t mean the hip hop artist that apparently loves ecstasy)  This is a fun dice game which you can play for money or drinking.  Basically you have (3) six-sided dice.  Each player rolls all three dice to determine their number or score. Your score is determined by the number rolled on two of the three dice.  This means if you rolled 2-3-3 your score would be a “3.”  If your buddy goes next and rolls a 6-6-5, their score would be a “6.”

  • 4-5-6 combination is an automatic winner
  • 1-2-3 on the three dice is an automatic loser
  • 3-3-4 means you rolled a “3”
  • 5-5-5 is trips, which can only be beat by a higher pair of trips (in this case 6-6-6) or 4-5-6.

You can sweeten up the game by adding $1.00 to $5.00 per round, so the winner of that round takes what is in the pot.  You can also exchange cash for drinking, where the winner decides a shot that all the losers must take after each round.

Dice are inexpensive and easy to pack.  You can find them at your local dollar tree, or you can order dice online as well.

There are also other ways / variations you can play as well.  Check out some different rules used to play See-Low / Cee Lo


This game involves teams of two per each side.  It will require you to purchase a set of two cornhole boards, or to make your own.  The board surface must be 2′ x 4′ and have a  circular hole so that the bean bag can land in it.  There should be a total of 8 bean bags, 2 different colors, 6×6 in size, and 1 pd of corn in each.  You can purchase the bags and fill them yourselves, or buy the bean bags already filled.  Below are some important rules regarding this game.


  • All 8 cornhole bags begin at one end.
  • A coin flip shall determine which cornhole team has honors in round one.
  • One of the partners on the team who has honors shall begin play by throwing a cornhole bag at the opposite cornhole box.
  • A cornhole player may throw from anywhere behind the front of the cornhole box they are throwing from.
  • Game continues by alternating throws between the two opponent players until all 8 cornhole bags have been thrown.
  • If a cornhole bag hits the ground then bounces up onto the board, that bag shall be taken off the playing surface.
  • The next round starts when the other cornhole player on the team, which has honors, throws their first cornhole bag.
  • The cornhole game continues until one team reaches 21 or more points.

1. A foul occurs when any of the following happens.
2. A cornhole players foot goes past the foot foul line, termed a foot foul.
3. A player goes out of turn.
4. The player who caused the foul loses the throw when the foul occurred and the bag shall be removed if it landed on the playing surface.

1. The score shall be taken after all cornhole bags have been thrown for a round.

  • 3 points for a cornhole bag that goes through the hole.
  • 1 point for a cornhole bag that is on the playing surface.
  • 1 point for a cornhole bag that is hanging into the hole.
  • 1 point for a cornhole bag that is hanging off the edge but not touching the ground.
  • 0 points for a cornhole bag that is on the playing surface, but also touching the ground.
  • 0 points for a cornhole bag that is hanging off the front edge and is resting on a cornhole bag that is on the ground (unless the cornhole bag on the ground can be removed without making the hanging bag fall to the ground, then one point is given).
  1. The cornhole team with the highest round score, adds the difference of the two scores to their game score.
  2. The cornhole team who wins the round is given honors to throw first in the next round.
  3. If both cornhole teams have the same round score then the game score stays the same and honors stays with the team who had it the previous round.

Credit Card Roulette 

This game is fun but if you play a certain way, this will most likely ruin someone’s night.  After you and your buddies go out to dinner or a nightclub or a strip club and the bill comes, everyone will throw their credit card into a hat or bag.  The waiter or waitress will then come over, mix up the cards in the bag or hat and pull one from the bunch.  The card pulled is the one that pays the entire bill.  We have also seen this game played another safer way, where the card that is pulled does not pay, and the remaining cards pick up the difference for the winner.

Strip Poker

No, this does not mean you and your buddies strip down and look at each other, that would make things weird.  Basically what you do is invite a few strippers to hang out at your house or hotel.  Each stripper would team up with one guy.  The guys would then play Texas hold-em poker and each time a team loses, the women who teamed up with the losers would lose an article of clothing.  If you fold before the flop, you are not required to lose an article of clothing but you have to chug a beer.

 Bachelor Party Bingo

For only five bucks, you can order these 5 x 7 bingo/scavenger hunt cards online and download them immediately for printing at home or a local copy shop. Some of the more challenging bingo squares on these cards include, “Get someone to sign your chest,” “Propose to a stranger,” “Get a condom from a girl,” and “Have someone buy you a drink.” You can also make your own versions of these bingo cards using your own challenges that involve local bars, landmarks and attractions.

Looking for a game that you can play while out at a bar to really get the most of that bar’s particular atmosphere?  Then you really need to check out The Bar Card Game.  A little bit like a dare-only version of truth or dare, this game has been specifically designed to encourage your group to interact with the other people at the bar.  This means that, depending on where you play, the game can have vastly different outcomes.  It is also a game that is designed to let you playfully flirt with the girls at the bar without crossing any inappropriate lines.  Whether you ask them to play along or simply let them observe your crazy antics, you play off the other people in the bar when you play this game.  The cards range from mild to mildly wild; there is nothing in there that means anyone has to do anything really inappropriate, but if you are a rowdy bunch, they can certainly be the springboard for some outrageous behaviors.  So, graba a copy of the game, head to your favorite bar, and give it a go.

Toilet Seat Horseshoes

Purchase six or eight NEW (this is VERY important) but inexpensive toilet seats from your local hardware, plumbing supply store, or amazon in two different colors (whichever are cheapest – keep your receipt – we’ll explain why below).

Use something sturdy like broom handles or metal pipes for your “horseshoe” posts and plant these about 30 feet apart (regulation distance is 40 feet but the toilet seats are more difficult to throw than regular horseshoes and there’s probably drinking involved at your party). Form teams of two or three with each team using a different color toilet seat.

The game is played and scored the same way as ordinary horseshoes (remember “ringers” and “leaners”?), but the losing team of each round has to chug a beer while the winning team moves on to compete with the next team until there’s a final winner. The winning team receives the toilet seat as a prize. Be sure to take a picture of the winning team (and the groom in case he isn’t on the winning team) wearing their toilet seats around their necks. Return the extra toilet seats to the store (you kept your receipt, right?) and tell them they weren’t what you had in mind. Explain any breaks, scratches or dings as being the result of “ordinary wear and tear” in case they ask.

Microwave Peep Races

This bachelor party game will be a little more expensive than some of the others we describe but you and your friends won’t forget this one! In fact, this may be the best bachelor party game in the history of the world.

Buy three or four used microwave ovens at the pawn shop or used appliance store. Try to find the highest wattages available but price is more important – these ovens will probably not survive and if they do, you won’t want to use them for anything else). Put a sturdy table you don’t necessarily care about in your backyard, place one of the microwaves on top and run an extension cord to the nearest outlet. Stop at the grocery store and buy several bags of marshmallow Peeps. Using a black marker, label the Peeps with numbers ranging from one to however many attendees you have at your party. If there are more than ten attendees, you might want to limit each race to five or so Peeps to keep things manageable. Everyone puts a dollar in the pot and whoever’s Peep explodes in the microwave first wins the pot and the losers must eat their melted Peeps. If the first microwave is destroyed in the process, use a spare for the next series of races. You can substitute regular marshmallows, but Peeps are more fun because, well, they’re cute and guys like to see them explode (and melt).

If there’s a microwave left after the races are finished, put a few rolls of Pillsbury biscuits, a bunch of ketchup packets, several packages of Twinkies or a couple of sealed bags of potato chips in there and let ‘er rip (we recommend the “nuke” setting). Bets can also be placed on which item will blow up first. Guaranteed fun but you might want to stand back a few feet …

Extreme Croquet

Sure, you remember croquet from your childhood days, right? Everyone took turns, played politely and there were strict rules about everything? Well, forget that wussy version and give extreme croquet a try for your bachelor party. If you already have a croquet set, you’re ready to go. If not, borrow one (don’t tell them what it’s for because mallets and balls are prone to damage), find one at a local thrift store or buy a croquet set online– it’ll be worth it because you and your friends will have a blast (literally) playing this bachelor party game.

Find a local park or other outdoor area that has some challenging terrain elements such as large rocks, hills, trees (with big roots), ditches, water hazards and so forth. Place the wickets in hard-to-reach spots and allow the groom to go first. Team up in twos or play individually. Play generally proceeds according to normal croquet rules, with exceptions being made for unusual circumstances. Some variations on conventional croquet rules you might want to use include the following:

  • When a player’s ball hits another ball, the player may elect to continue to play using the ball he hit;
  • Players must wear swim flippers;
  • Players can use any part of the mallet to hit the ball, including the side (polo style) or with the handle (billiard style); and,
  • Balls moved by unleashed dogs must be played from the point where they are dropped.

You can make up your own rules as well, of course, even as play progresses. In fact, cheating is a prerequisite in extreme croquet. Naturally, it is expected that anyone croqueting another player’s ball after hitting it will do so with “extreme” vigor, preferably in the direction of the nearest water hazard, busy street or poison ivy patch. Keep score or not (it’s not really important in extreme croquet), but include some beer-chugging penalties (if your venue allows) for things like forgetting which wicket the player is shooting for or hitting another player (accidentally?) with a ball. The first player to clear all wickets is “poison” and must chug a beer. The “poison” player is also allowed to take one player’s ball and throw it as far as he wants in any direction (e.g., the “payback” rule). Take lots of pictures because you’ll want to remember this event. You and your friends may like this bachelor party game enough that you’ll join an existing league and play on a regular basis.

Backyard Bowling

This is a low-cost alternative to real bowling that is easy to put together and loads of fun. Take 10 empty two-liter bottles and fill them with sand (leave them full of the original beverage if you feel like living dangerously but buy some extras in case of explosions). You can paint the two-liter bottles to resemble real bowling pins if you feel creative.

Buy several used bowling balls from a local bowling alley, thrift store and/or ask guests to bring their own. Outline a “bowling lane” on your backyard about 30 feet long (regulation is 60 feet but backyard bowling is more difficult because of the grass and here again, there’s probably drinking involved) using bright tape or ribbon and team up in twos or bowl individually.

Scorekeeping for backyard bowling is the same as regular bowling (you can find free printable score sheets available here) but there are several drinking penalties to keep this version exciting, including chugging a beer if the bowler “gutters” (e.g., he doesn’t hit any “pins”) or making anyone who bowls a strike wear a blindfold on his next turn). Plenty of gusto is required to play this game so make sure you offer a great prize for the winner such as a real (used) bowling trophy (preferably with someone else’s name on it). There are lots of humorous photo ops with backyard bowling so be sure to assign a designated photographer to memorialize the event.

If you aren’t the creative type you can also purchase this lawn bowling pin / ball set online and save yourself some time.

Frisbee Challenge

Part of the male DNA is the ability to throw a Frisbee better than anyone else, and this game provides the opportunity for you and your guests to prove it. The best part of this game is its ease in preparation and play. There are also plenty of drinking-penalty opportunities in this game.

You can either build a simple scoreboard out of a piece of 4 X 6 quarter-inch plywood (see below) or use cardboard boxes of different sizes with the smaller boxes generating higher scores. If you use boxes, take the time to paint them bright colors to add to the festive atmosphere. 

Carnival Game Frisbee Toss Game #Homemade #Any

Buy Frisbees for everyone to have three of their own and pace off about 20 feet for your throwing line. Although you can form teams, Frisbee Challenge is more of an individual game so let your conscience be your guide on this one. Game play begins by giving everyone three throws. If a player misses the scoreboard or boxes entirely, he must chug a beer (you can also include drinking-penalty slots in your scoreboard or boxes). The player with the highest score after three rounds of play wins the game and is crowned “King Frisbee” for the duration of the party.


As you can see from this list of bachelor party games, it’s possible for you and your friends to have a great time for just a few bucks in any type of weather. In fact, almost any indoor or outdoor adult game and some children’s games can be modified for bachelor parties by including drinking penalties, betting opportunities and some general good-natured cheating. If the weather permits, you may want to include some of the outdoor-type games we’ve described since these will get the blood pumping and keep the excitement level high. Remember, when it comes to bachelor party games, safety first (or second or third – you can take a vote) and take lots of pictures.

None of these ideas helped out your cause?  Check out all the other bachelor party games available, or leave some ideas below in our comment section.

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12 Cozy Ideas for a Winter Bachelorette Party

While winter bachelorette parties don’t seem to be as popular as summer celebrations, that doesn’t mean they have to be any less fun! We LOVE the idea of cozying up with your besties for a fun and festive final fling in the mountains or snow. Spend your evenings sipping boozy hot chocolate, hanging out in the hot tub, or bundled up by a fire pit and your days at the spa, ice skating rink or playing in the snow. Don’t forget to pack your flannel PJs and slippers… this is going to be an unforgettable weekend!  

12 Cozy Ideas For A Winter Bachelorette Party


1. Create a boozy hot chocolate bar with fun mugs! 

Winter Bachelorette Party Ideas | Hot Chocolate BarPhoto Credit:

Up-level your bachelorette pre-party with a boozy hot chocolate bar! Serve up a selection of spirits that the bride tribe can mix into their cocoa along with some classic toppings like whipped cream, peppermint and marshmallows. Provide each guest with a cute mug that doubles as their party favor! 

Booze: Baileys Irish Creme, Peppermint Schnapps, Vanilla Vodka, Salted Carmel Liquor 
Toppings: Whipped Cream, Peppermint, Marshmallows, Chocolate Chips 
Cute Mugs: Monogrammed Mugs ($4 each | World Market)Personalized Travel Thermos ($18 each | Etsy) 


2. Wear matching flannel PJs

Winter Bachelorette Party Ideas | Flannel PJs
Photo Credit:

Flannel and fizz before she’s a Mrs! Not only are flannel PJs a perfect outfit choice for a winter bachelorette weekend, but they make an adorable photo op! Snag classic red buffalo check for the guests and white and black for the bride. If you’re feeling extra fancy, get each set monogrammed with the I Do Crew’s initials. 


3. Rent a house with a hot tub  

Winter Bachelorette Party Ideas | Hot Tub

Photo Credit:

Ahh… nothing says “relax” quite like hanging out in a hot tub with a glass of wine with snowy mountains as your view! Add your best friends to the picture and you’ve got a perfect bachelorette party activity for a low-key night in! Most rental websites (we love VRBO!) let you filter for houses with a hot tub, so check that box and search away. 


4. Hit the town in coordinating pom pom beanies 

Winter Bachelorette Party Ideas | Pom Pom Beanies

Fluffy Pom-Pom Bachelorette Beanies | $24 each

Stay warm AND look adorable in these Fluffy Pom-Pom Bachelorette Beanies! Grab black ones for the guests and a white one for the bride, then head out for a day of shopping, brunching or boozing…. whatever suits your fancy! 


5. Go to a winter festival 

Winter Bachelorette Party Ideas | Winter Festival

Photo Credit:

Whether you choose a Polar Bear Plunge, a Snow Sculpture Championship or a winter rodeo, planning your bachelorette weekend around one of these cool winter festivals will make it a weekend to remember. 


6. Hang out around the party pad in cozy, matching slippers!

Winter Bachelorette Party Ideas | Slipper
Photo Credit:

The best part of winter in our opinion? SLIPPERS! Get each guest a pair for their party favor (check out Target, Old Navy and Amazon for some affordable options) to keep their toes warm at the bachelorette party pad. Make sure to snap a few cute photos! 


7. Have a snowman building competition (whoever’s looks most like the groom, wins!) 

Winter Bachelorette Party Ideas | Snowmen

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Grab your parkas, mittens and snow boots and have a snowman building competition! For a fun twist, have the bride squad break into teams. The team who builds the snowman that looks most like the groom, wins! We think this activity works best while sipping on hot cocoa or eggnog 🙂 


8. Take a figure skating class 

Winter Bachelorette Party Ideas | Ice Skating

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Everyone knows the best part of the winter Olympics is the figure skating, right?! Not only is ice skating a great workout and a lot of fun, the rink is a perfect location for a bachelorette party photo op. Check to see if your local ice skating rink offers classes for a cool and memorable party activity the whole crew will love. 


9. Spend a day inside at the spa! 

Winter Bachelorette Party Ideas | Spa Day

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If it’s too cold to be outside, there’s not a much better place to be than inside getting a facial or massage! Start the bachelorette weekend off right with some self-care and R&R at a cozy mountain-side spa… the I Do Crew will definitely think it’s the best bach party they’ve been to! 


10. Hire a private chef and host a dinner party at the bachelorette pad

Winter Bachelorette Party Ideas | Private Chef

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Instead of venturing out into the cold for dinner, have dinner come to you! Hire a private chef to cook up a delicious dinner while the squad enjoys cocktails and eggnog. If you’re really feeling fancy, set a cute table (we love these tips from Spoonflower) and get dressed up for the evening! 


11. Snack on flavored popcorn while watching a classic chick flick 

Winter Bachelorette Party Ideas | Movie Night

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Rent the bride’s favorite chick flicks, grab some flavored popcorn, and host a girls night in at the bachelorette party pad! If you need some movie inspiration, check out this list of the 30 best chick flicks of all time and have everyone share their favorite. Then, head to Legally Crafty Blog for free movie night party games and print outs! 


12. Cozy up at a bar with a fire pit 

Winter Bachelorette Party Ideas | Hang Out By The Fire Pit

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After enjoying your boozy hot cocoa, head to a bar or restaurant with a fire pit for a fun (and warm!) evening out. Do some research ahead of time – here’s a round up of 23 cool bars with fire pits around the USA – to find the best option and make a reservation if needed.  

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How to Plan a Bachelor Party

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To plan a bachelor party, start by talking to the groom about what sort of activities he wants and what dates are good for him before settling on any specific activities. Next, create a guest list and send out the invitations, making sure to include an RSVP request. Then, set a budget and ask the other guests to contribute, keeping in mind that travel costs like flights, trains, or driving should be included in the budget. Finally, make reservations for the activities and any travel plans, if necessary! For tips on staying organized throughout the planning process, read on!

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AskMen – So what are good bachelor party ideas for gamers?

I saw a similar question asked but the guys were into sports and whatnot. We are also but this will be held in summer probably somewhere in northern WI so not much to do but my ideas so far are only lan party but that’s about it. Also, we love booze. Thanks for any help