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MGM Grand Hotel & Casino
Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday


Aria Hotel & Casino
Monday, Friday, Saturday


Cromwell Hotel & Casino
Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday


Caesars Palace Hotel & Casino
Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday


Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino
Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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How Does The Nightclub Guest List Work?

After choosing your desired Las Vegas nightclub or event, fill out the simple form making sure to include the date, your contact information, and the number of people in your party. You will receive a confirmation email with directions on how to use the nightclub guest list including check in location and time. On the evening of your guest list date, you will receive a text reminder with the pertinent guestlist information. Still have questions? Check out our FAQs and Testimonials sections.

How Does The Nightclub Table Service Work?

Guests looking for the top experience in every Las Vegas nightclub might consider bottle service. This experience gets your group its own VIP table which is typically roped off and separate from the general public. Your entry is the most expedited, and you can enjoy your own area to dance, let loose, and enjoy the night with a waitress, security, and busser staff. Contact a club VIP host directly on our site for bottle service pricing, menus, availability, and reservations. Learn more about Las Vegas Bottle Service.

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Upcoming Las Vegas Club Events

EBC PoolEBC Pool Encore Beach Club 3131 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109

julEBC PoolEncore Beach Club

Event Details

Table Service

Event Details

Daylight BeachDaylight Beach Daylight Beach Club 3950 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89119

julDaylight BeachDaylight Beach Club

Event Details

Table Service

Event Details

Intrigue LoungeIntrigue Lounge Intrigue Nightclub 3131 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109

julIntrigue LoungeIntrigue Nightclub

Event Details

Table Service

Event Details

EBC PoolEBC Pool Encore Beach Club 3131 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109

julEBC PoolEncore Beach Club

Event Details

Table Service

Event Details

The PoolThe Pool Marquee Dayclub 3708 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109

julThe PoolMarquee Dayclub

Event Details

Table Service

Event Details

Daylight BeachDaylight Beach Daylight Beach Club 3950 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89119

julDaylight BeachDaylight Beach Club

Event Details

Table Service

Event Details

The Pool At NightThe Pool At Night Marquee Nightclub 3708 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109

julThe Pool At NightMarquee Nightclub

Event Details

Table Service

Event Details

Intrigue LoungeIntrigue Lounge Intrigue Nightclub 3131 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109

julIntrigue LoungeIntrigue Nightclub

Event Details

Table Service

Event Details

EBC Pool At NightEBC Pool At Night EBC At NIght 3131 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109

julEBC Pool At NightEBC At Night

Event Details

Table Service

Event Details

Foundation RoomFoundation Room Foundation Room 3950 Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89119

julFoundation RoomFoundation Room

Event Details

Table Service

Event Details

EBC PoolEBC Pool Encore Beach Club 3131 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109

julEBC PoolEncore Beach Club

Event Details

Table Service

Event Details

The PoolThe Pool Marquee Dayclub 3708 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109

julThe PoolMarquee Dayclub

Event Details

Table Service

Event Details

Daylight BeachDaylight Beach Daylight Beach Club 3950 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89119

julDaylight BeachDaylight Beach Club

Event Details

Table Service

Event Details

The Pool At NightThe Pool At Night Marquee Nightclub 3708 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109

julThe Pool At NightMarquee Nightclub

Event Details

Table Service

Event Details

Intrigue LoungeIntrigue Lounge Intrigue Nightclub 3131 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109

julIntrigue LoungeIntrigue Nightclub

Event Details

Table Service

Event Details

EBC Pool At NightEBC Pool At Night EBC At NIght 3131 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109

julEBC Pool At NightEBC At Night

Event Details

Table Service

Event Details

General Club Info

We are proud to offer guest lists for the best nightclubs in Las Vegas. Signing up for the guest lists is simple and free. Browse the Guides Section to find information on the top clubs in Vegas including where to go dancing and where to get free drinks. People flock to Las Vegas to see their favorite DJs including EDM superstars from around the world. Every day of the week we have the connections to get you into the most popular nightclubs. On our lists you can skip the line and get in for free. Travel to the strip and enjoy everything Las Vegas nightlife has to offer. Las Vegas clubs have made the city the center of partying. Almost every single hotel and casino on the strip has a nightclub option, and they are impressive and fun. Whether you are looking for a lounge feel or a mega-club with the hottest DJs, we have a guest list option for you. To enjoy the experience to the fullest we always recommend using our guest lists. The sign up process is easy and only takes a few seconds. Pick your desired nightclub and we do the rest. Plus the service is free.

Looking for a simple and easy solution and the best deals to get on the guest lists for the best nightclubs, strip clubs, and pool parties in Las Vegas? No Cover Nightclubs is your solution on the Vegas strip and for people searching for nightclubs near me. The days of free Vegas club passes is long gone. Simply pick a club or dayclub and get on the guest list. You will receive a confirmation email outlining everything you need to know, and will get a text reminder as well. Still have questions? Check out our FAQs and Testimonials pages to learn more. Looking for nightclub and beach club event presale tickets? We have those too. We are the destination for free Vegas clubs. We explain the entire guest list process and how to get into the Vegas nightclubs for free or with a discount. Don’t spend time waiting in line. We make the entire process VIP. You’ll be inside the top Vegas nightclubs dancing and drinking the night away with your entire group. Club stress free, with free drinks, all for free. Don’t mess with free club passes, our guest lists actually work and have been used by thousands. We have also created an entire section of guides to help educate everyone coming to Vegas about how everything works. We’ve got tips and guides for the dress code, what clubs are the best during the week, and even a guide for the strip clubs. Our goal here at No Cover Nightclubs is to make sure getting you on the guest list is as simple and as easy as possible. Our venue pages have recently been updated with nightclub reviews. We’ve learned how the system works from years of partying in the clubs, and now we offer you the opportunity to do it for free, or with a discount for the men.

Coming for a bachelor party or bachelorette party? Perfect! We have options to help you celebrate in the top nightclubs in Las Vegas. We’ve had thousands of satisfied guests use our services, and saved them a ton of money by getting in for free. We’ve been partying in the Vegas nightlife and day club scene for years, and now we want to pass the free hookups on to you. If you’ve been asking where to go or where to party in Las Vegas we provide you with the top nightclub and pool party events each week. We’ve got the fastest system to help you skip the line and get in for free or with reduced cover. Are you a Las Vegas local? We can cater to you as well.

With our latest updates we are now offering direct connections to actual nightclub VIP hosts for free. Those looking for table and bottle service reservations can easily have their questions answered and reservations made directly with the venues. Groups commonly want to know bottle service prices or how table service works in Las Vegas. Now they can get a quick response from actual hosts.

Think of us as your personal VIP promoter and host for Las Vegas with a comp guest list. Groups ask where are night clubs near me, and we have the answers. Many people have used promoters in other cities and maybe even in Vegas. If you are familiar with how they work, our site is a better version of them. You don’t have to wait for a text back or potentially having your night ruined because a promoter forgot to put you on the guest list. Plus most promoters work for one nightclub and we work for many. No Cover Nightclubs has you covered for all your guest list and bottle service reservation needs.

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REPORT Las Vegas Clubs To Set Standards for Reopening with

A new report out of FOX 5 Vegas highlights the unique position that Las Vegas and its nightclubs represent in the future of live entertainment and tourism around the globe. Of course, it is true that any nightclub anywhere must adapt and restrategize to weather a post-COVID-19 world, but Vegas’s status as an international hub of tourism and nightlife affords it a more unique position.

One of the biggest hurdles to clubs reopening are reduced capacity orders, which will actually hurt more than they help. Bringing staff, bartenders, stage hands, lighting, video, etc., back to work a club that is only at 25-50% capacity would not only not be profitable, but would put the clubs even deeper into the red. With rent and utilities still due, this presents a massive hurdle for opening.

“A landowner will not take 25 percent of rent. Utility companies will not take 25 percent of the cost to operate. A venue that sells just alcohol cannot generate revenue. If they sell food, they can have some revenue,” said JC Diaz, president of the American Nightlife Association and vice president of the International Nightlife Association.

One solution could come in the form of what kind of events these clubs throw in the meantime, mainly corporate events for large businesses that still have the budget to arrange them.

“They have the footprints to rearrange their rooms. We could control the rules, before they open up. We could communicate what we are wearing–masks or no masks,” said Ryan Dahlstrom of the Nightclub Hall of Fame

“A lot of countries are looking at [Vegas] to take the lead– what the quality and standards should be,” Diaz said.

In another report, “Wynn Resorts CEO Matt Maddox said in an earnings call Wednesday reopening in May could be a possibility as Nevada rolls out its phased reopening.” Many casinos are looking to reopening this month, with many offering free parking as a small consolation for coming back to their establishments. It’s unclear if the clubs therein, like OMNIA at Caesar’s or Hakkasan at MGM, will open with them. Intrigue at Wynn closed last year before the pandemic.

Arkansas hosted the first socially-distanced concert last night with country singer Travis McCready, though it hasn’t been reported if the event was profitable or not. As individual states begin to open up and ease restrictions, little by little, we will begin to see what path forward there is for live entertainment. Until then, others are still prioritizing live streams or innovating with drive-in raves and concerts.

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How Do Las Vegas Nightclub Guest Lists Work

Getting into a popular Las Vegas nightclub with no cover charge is easier than you think! With a handful of exceptions (holiday weekends, special events), every major Vegas nightclub offers a guest list of some kind on most nights that their open. Learn how Las Vegas Nightclub Guest Lists here!

How To Get On The Las Vegas Guest List:

Joining a Las Vegas nightclub guest list is as simple as signing up through, because (and you’ll like this) our guest list gets merged directly with the one used at your favorite Las Vegas nightclub’s door!

Seriously. We’re like your direct line, past the line!

Simply give us your name, phone number, e-mail address, and the number of people in your party for the club and event of your choice, and we’ll handle the rest.

You’ll get a text and e-mail confirmation that gives you further instruction (aka: “Arrive by this time” and “wear this”). Easy as that.

What Happens When I Get To The Nightclub?

You’ll need to arrive by the cut off time stated in your confirmation e-mail and text messages (usually between 11:30pm and 1:00am, depending on the club), have proper ID, and be in dress code.

Then you’ll simply make your way to the guest list line. If you don’t see signage (note: usually there is very obvious signage!), just ask any club personnel where to go. Tell them you’re on the “ list” and your name.

Party. Enjoy yourself. Tell everyone you know about our services.

What About The Dress Code:

Read our complete Las Vegas nightclub dress code guide here.

Who Can Join A Las Vegas Nightclub Guest List?

Our Las Vegas nightclub guest lists are available to anyone over the age of 21 who is in dress code.

Most of the nightclubs we work with will comp (meaning: no cover charge) groups of ladies or those who arrive to the door with an even (or better) ratio of guys to girls.

Some, depending on what the offer says on the sign up page, will offer discounted cover and

expedited entry to groups of males.  

What Vegas Nightclubs and Pools Can We Sign Up For:

We offer guest lists for the best dayclubs and nightclubs in Las Vegas. Signing up for the guest lists is free and easy. Take a look at our Guides to find information on the top clubs in Vegas including where to go to get free drinks and party. Visitors come to Las Vegas to see their favorite DJs including EDM superstars such as The Chainsmokers, Calvin Harris and Tiesto.

We have the connections to get you into the most popular nightclubs with no cover. Being placed on our lists help you skip the line and get in for free meaning no cover charge. Come visit the strip enjoy everything Las Vegas nightlife has to offer. Las Vegas clubs have made this city the capital of partying. Almost every hotel and casino on the strip has a nightclub in it, and worth checking out. No matter what you are looking for from a mega club with today’s hottest DJs, or a lounge atmosphere we have a guest list option for you. To enjoy your Las Vegas club experience to the max, we always recommend using our guest lists. The sign up process is free and easy. Pick your dayclub or nightclub, sign up and we’ll do the rest. 

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10 Best Nightclubs in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is known the world over for its gambling and epic casinos, and that, of course, goes hand in hand with great parties. Won big at the casino? You wana celebrate with your friends on the dance floor. Lost all your money at the casino? You need to commiserate with your friends on the dance floor.

So whatever happens, you’ll be tearing up the Las Vegas clubs. And with some of the world’s best DJs, state of the art sound systems, and luscious décor, this is one party destination you don’t want to miss.

We’ve taken on the task of checking out the best of what Las Vegas has to offer and are here, as your trusted guide, to show you what’s hot. Read on to discover the best clubs in Vegas:

1. Hakkasan

Image: by Flickr/DavidJones is licensed under CC BY 2.0

This place is like the Holy Grail of clubs in Vegas.

It literally sets the pace and all others just try and imitate. Its size alone will blow your mind and the technology it uses to bring you a top night out will make you delirious.

With the likes of Steve Aoki, Calvin Harris, Tiesto and Lady Gaga bringing you the party, you know you’re in safe hands.

2. XS Nightclub

Image Credit: Instagram/gucci_x_chainsmokers

Whilst you could be mistaken for thinking this refers to a dress size, you’re wrong. Think more along the lines of ‘excess’.

This club is frequently at the top of the list when it comes to the best clubs in Vegas. Opulence is the theme here which you’ll notice as you walk in and clock the golden staircase.

It’s the most expensive club in Las Vegas, so don’t expect any change out of $10,000 if you party here.

Don’t forget to check out their famous XS NightSwim, which brings the best of daytime pool parties to late night clubbing.

With the likes of Drake and Kygo playing here, you’re up there with the partying elite.


Image Credit: Instagram/omnianightclub

OMNIA is the biggest club in Las Vegas, and you’ll find this gem inside Caesar’s Palace. It’s brought to you by the same people behind Hakkasan, so yeah, it’s pretty epic.

The big landmark of this place is the giant LED spaceship hanging above the dance floor. Looking at it from below you can believe it’ll take you to another planet!

If it all gets a bit much though, head out to the patio for some space on the balcony and take in the fabulous view.

4. Drai’s

Image Credit: Instagram/draislv

Drai’s at The Cromwell seriously knows how to get you PUMPED.

You’ll be jamming to the likes of T.I. and Travi$ Scott and then you can head to Drai’s After Hours for some winding down at the end of the night to deep house.

This 25,000 sq. ft spot will light up your night on the Strip with the best live entertainment.

If you’re looking for the best hip-hop club in Vegas, then this is where you want to get down! Some of the biggest RnB artists have graced their stage.

5. 1OAK

Image Credit: Instagram/1oaklv

Bringing a slice of NYC to Vegas is what this dancers’ paradise does for you.

Not exactly as ‘one-of-a-kind’ as its name would have you believe as there is one in a couple other cities, it still promises a good time.

Set across two rooms and bringing avant-garde style to the gambling destination, the whole place is built around the dance floor so if you came here to boogy, this is where you’ll want to head!

For the best hip-hop Vegas vibes mixed in with Top 40 you can enjoy nights with Snoop Dogg, J. Cole and Flo Rida.

6. Tao

Image Credit: Instagram/taolasvegas

If you want to celebrity-spot then get yourself over to Tao in the Venetian.

Head to the dance floor where you’ll be looked after by top DJs, or alternatively get set up in one of the eight private skyboxes overlooking the madness below.

Whether you’re after EDM or hip-hop, the various rooms here will make sure your needs are met.

There’s also a fabulous 40 sq. ft terrace which gives you the best view over the Strip.

7. Encore Beach Club

Image Credit: Instagram/encorebeachclub

This is one swanky poolside spot, day or night, you’ll be shining!

With the likes of David Guetta, Kygo and The Chainsmokers a regular hit, the party never stops.

Bag yourself a cabana or private bungalow so you have your own infinity pool and hot tub or simply park up on a daybed round the gorgeous pool for great table service.

8. Marquee

Image Credit: Instagram/marqueelv

You’ll find this inside The Cosmopolitan, which is one giant club in itself!

However, within this mega complex are other spots – Marquee (the ‘main’ one), Boombox, and Library. You’ll find everything you need here for a grand night out from amazing music to tasty tipples.


Image Credit:

If you want a show and a party you have got to head to Light at Mandalay Bay.

They bring you a Cirque du Soleil style performance and thrust you into it, so you’re immersed in the acrobatic magic.

You won’t be flying from the ceiling though, don’t worry, but you’re so close and involved, it might feel like you’re riding the ropes with them.

With fantastic lights and colours, LIGHT will make you rethink your approach to nightlife.

10. Jewel

Image Credit: Instagram/jewelnightclub

This is the jewel in the crown, as it were, for the group behind Hakkasan and OMNIA. Hat-trick!

They nailed it on their third venture, this place is awesome.

With the magnificence taken up a notch, you’ll find VIP banquettes made from granite, double-sided LED screens that follow the music, and leather upholstery.

It’s smaller than the other two clubs so, if you’re after a more intimate night out, you should head here.

Everything You Need To Know About Clubbing in Vegas

1. Cost of club entry

Going out in Las Vegas can be costly.

Entry to most places will cost men somewhere between $20 and $60, and for women $10-$30. That said, you can get on guestlists which will greatly reduce the price, and sometimes make it free.

If you’re planning a night out Sin City and you want an idea of how much it might cost you, try out this handy Vegas night-out calculator. No more nasty surprises!

2. Cost of drinks

Depending on where you go, the drinks can bleed you dry.

In places like XS you can pay $10,000 for a bottle. There are other drinks, usually a cocktail will start around $15 and beers around $10. And if you’re getting great table service, don’t forget to tip.

Of course, Las Vegas is not renowned for being a cheap night out (unless you meet a generous high roller). Those fancy bars come with a price tag.

And recently, there are reports that guests at Strip resort properties are getting stung by services fees on drinks too.

3. Dress code

You’re not in Kansas anymore, so please, make an effort. Most clubs ask that you come dressed smart casual, or upscale chic.

That means NO JEANS or rips, leave your sandals and flip flops at home and don’t wear hats or excessive jewellery. Goes without saying, but wife-beater shirts on men will not be welcomed.

Last but not least, don’t forget the drinking age in the US is 21 and you’ll likely have to show some photographic ID to prove you’re old enough.

Image Credit: Reshot/SirJim

Enjoy Yourself!

Let’s not pretend we’re still the same spritely spring chickens we were in our youth.

Most of us, if we do it right (!) will feel it the next day. So, what to do when you risk writing a whole day of your trip off? Fear not, our top hangover cures in Las Vegas will see to it that you still have an amazing day.

Now that you’re armed with all you need to know for an epic party at one of the best clubs in Las Vegas, go have fun!

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Top 10 Dayclubs and Party Pools

1. Encore Beach Club

Encore Beach Club

Courtesy of Wynn Resorts

Wynn Encore’s answer to daylife is a stunning complex of pools, bright orange daybeds, five-star cabanas, palm trees, champagne, cocktails by the pitcher, delectable grilled food, and pretty people dancing in the blazing desert sun. Prince Harry took a liking to the fabulous party, as have many other celebrities. Arrive early, as it can be hard to get to into, especially when world-famous DJs and hosts like David Guetta, Diplo, and Skrillex are making an appearance. Daytime hours are currently from 11am-7pm Fridays and Sunday and 10am-7pm on Saturdays. Nighttime pool parties (Thursdays & Fridays only) kick off April 28th.(702)770.7300

2. Rehab

Photo credit: Courtesy of Hard Rock Hotel & Casino

Photo credit: Courtesy of Hard Rock Hotel & Casino

The most infamous pool party of them all, Hard Rock Hotel’s 10-year-old Rehab is absolutely legendary. Lines to get in can be more than an hour long in the blistering heat, but no one seems to mind. Inside, the pool deck is covered in sand, and guests famously let loose as if they were on a remote beach. To help them along: “swim-up” blackjack tables, poolside spa treatments, stiff drinks, and food from the Beach Club Bar & Grill. Rehab at the Hard Rock is open Fridays through Sundays and starts at 11am.(702) 605‑4000

3. Drai’s Beach Club

Looking for the ultimate rooftop party? Drai’s huge, open-air, rooftop beachclub, sits 11 stories high and is pulling in the crowds. The venue has two large pools, bedecked with VIP cabanas – and a stunning Strip view. There is also a private pool on a second level, with five additional bungalows overlooking the Strip. Do you enjoy nighttime pool parties? Join them on Tuesday April 22nd for the Grand Opening of Night Splash! The rooftop pool is open for 2016 from 10am-6pm Monday-Thursday and the Beach Club is open 11am-6pm Friday – Sunday.(702) 777-3800

4. Wet Republic

Wet Republic at MGM Grand

Photo Courtesy of MGM Resorts International

The powers-that-be at Wet Republic run DJ mecca Hakkasan during nighttime hours, so you can imagine the day-drinking soaked party that descends on MGM Grand. Bungalows come with private Jacuzzis and security detail, and there’s a menu of “skinny” drinks for those worried about keeping their figure bikini ready. There are even two salt-water pools for those who think they’ve seen it all. Currently open Friday-Sunday. Wet Republic will be open Thursday through Monday after the official grand opening weekend in April, when heavyweights Tiësto and Steve Aoki are both set to DJ. Check the official calendar for details. (702) 891-3715

5. Bare

Bare Pool at Mirage

Photo Courtesy of The Light Group

An intimate pool lounge tucked away in the back of The Mirage, Bare is less wild dayclub and more European lounge. Yes, in that light, the club is even top-optional, and security is beefed up to make sure everyone accordingly acts with the utmost respect. From the owners of restaurant powerhouses Yellowtail, Fix, and Stack, Bare also serves brunch, as well as various sandwiches and pizzas – and buckets of booze, of course. Opened March 10th. Hours are from 11am-6pm Thursday-Monday. (702) 588-5656

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Dreamstate Insomniac

EventsOur World


Dreamstate has successfully transformed into a worldwide trance phenomenon bringing sold-out performances and new audiences to San Francisco, Mexico City, London, Melbourne, Los Angeles and New York. Since embarking on its global tour, Dreamstate has also curated creative stages at some of Insomniac’s largest festivals, including a dedicated quantumVALLEY stage at EDC Las Vegas.

Upcoming Events

Ferry Corsten presents What The FFerry Corsten presents What The FFerry Corsten presents What The FDreamstate Southern California

Festivals 18+

Dreamstate Southern California

November 20-21, 2020

San Bernardino, CA

Coming Soon



Past Events

Dreamstate Satellite Series LivestreamDreamstate LivestreamDash Berlin

Concerts 18+

Dash Berlin

presented by Dreamstate

Saturday, February 22, 2020

Denver, CO

Dreamstate Sequence SeriesMarkus Schulz

Clubs 21+

Markus Schulz

Road to Beyond Wonderland · presented by Dreamstate

Friday, January 24, 2020

Costa Mesa, CA

Giuseppe Ottaviani

Clubs 21+

Giuseppe Ottaviani

presented by Dreamstate

Friday, February 28, 2020

Los Angeles, CA

Factor B

Clubs 21+

Factor B

Theatre of the Mind · presented by Dreamstate

Friday, February 14, 2020

San Francisco, CA

Ferry Corsten

Clubs 21+

Ferry Corsten

presented by Dreamstate

Saturday, January 18, 2020

Costa Mesa, CA

Bryan Kearney (Extended Set)


Follow Dreamstate
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Bottle Service 101 How to Give Guests the VIP Treatment

Bottle Service 101: How to Give Guests the VIP Treatment

bottle service

Right now, savvy nightclubs, bars, and restaurants are selling a single bottle of vodka for $500. And customers are clamoring to pay for this bottle at a 2000% markup. Why? Because that ordinary vodka comes with the hospitality industry’s most extraordinary luxury: bottle service.

Ever thought about bringing bottle service (also known as “table service”) to your bar, restaurant, or club? Read on to find all the answers to “what is bottle service” and whether or not you should offer it.

What is Bottle Service? The 3 Ps

Here’s the elevator pitch: It’s a way for guests to “own” an area of a bar for the night, and be treated like royalty. This is what goes into the experience…  

Package: Bottle Service Includes It All

It begins with a reservation—and a commitment. To reserve their table or seating area, guests either commit to a minimum spend, or purchase a bottle at an inflated price (anywhere from 500% to even 5000% in the hottest club scenes). The venue often requires a headcount in advance.

A true bottle service involves a large bottle of liquor—often vodka or tequila—and includes a cart or tray of mixers like club soda, ginger ale, cola, cranberry juice, limes, and lemons. Energy drinks like Red Bull are popular, too. Some venues are differentiating themselves with more creative mixers like pomegranate or fresh-squeezed blood orange juice. Most venues assign a designated bartender or waiter to each table. He (or, most often, an attractive “she”) is available at all times to help mix drinks and bring more bottles as needed.

In metro areas with a big clubbing scene, like Vegas and Miami, it’s not uncommon to see five-figure minimums for the most desirable tables on weekends. However, an average minimum spend is between $500-$1500 for a group of about 10 people. If you offer bottle service, definitely require a deposit that can be credited towards the table’s minimum spend.  

If you’re just getting started with bottle service, you may not be able to afford assigning one staff member to each table. That’s why many venues use touchscreen tablets. In a few clicks, patrons can send orders right to the bar or kitchen. These tablets even let guests tap into interactive trivia and arcade games, creating an even more entertaining experience.

Start crafting your restuarant’s bottle service offerings with help from our Smart Menu Builder.

Presentation: Make a Scene!

What’s bottle service if it doesn’t command attention? (Spoiler alert: it’s not really bottle service). The allure is in the presentation of the bottle. It could be sparklers on a tray, paraded through your establishment. The latest trend is a clear acrylic serving cart that literally shines from special, one-time-use LED lights placed in or around the bottles. If the group is celebrating a special occasion, a DJ or staff member can make an announcement or play a requested song.

Bonus! This eye-catching pageantry of the bottle delivery also alerts other patrons that they, too, can have the limelight next time – by purchasing bottle service in advance.

Private: (Sort of)

Sure, some people fly first class because of perks like privacy, priority boarding, spacious seats, and VIP service from flight attendants. Others freely admit they like the jealous glances from folks en route to economy. The same goes for bottle service. While participants get exclusive access to a private area, that area is still highly visible to other patrons.

Above all, bottle service is a status symbol. If you decide to offer it, ensure that the sofas or banquettes (long upholstered benches) provide a great view of the venue, and are visible to other patrons. Something as simple and luxurious as a velvet rope can designate the VIP section.

Often, venues will have multiple bottle service sections at tiered pricing based on the best locations. If your venue has a stage or DJ booth, the best seating should be closest to the action.

So…Should You Offer Bottle Service?

Not Just for Hardcore Clubbers

There’s a misconception that bottle service is for wealthy twenty-somethings into hard partying. That’s just not true. For example, table service is big with business people who want to woo clients and close deals by treating them to a premium evening…even on a weeknight. The service is also trending with those seeking a night out, with comforts and conveniences like having a set spot to store their coat and purse, catch up with friends, and relax while being catered to.

Doing it for the ‘Gram: How Bottle Service Can Make Your Venue an “It” Location

If you’re looking to up your “it” factor, bottle service is a great option. Remember, it’s all about status. When ordering bottle service, guests love to take photos and videos and not-so-humble brag about it on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. This is a great opportunity to promote your restaurant on Instagram and can lead others to wanting the same VIP treatment.

PBR and Patron? Yes.

You don’t need to run a nightclub on the Vegas strip to offer bottle service. In fact, more casual establishments are getting in on the trend. The aptly-named Dive Bar in Washington D.C.’s Dupont Circle offers a typical bar menu complete with chicken wings, nachos, and cans of PBR…right alongside bottle service offerings like Patron Tequila (for $225).

Ultimately, it can’t hurt to offer bottle service. If your guests want to splurge, give them the opportunity! Bring in a sofa or two, throw down a nice rug, and let guests reserve the area with a set minimum that’s approachable (like $150-$250). Cheers to giving bottle service a try at your business…

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Orlando, FL Real Estate Homes For Sale

Just For You

Sort: Just For YouSort: New ListingsSort: Most PhotosSort: Price (Lo-Hi)Sort: Price (Hi-Lo)Sort: MortgageSort: BedroomsSort: BathroomsSort: Square Feet

Just For You

Sort: Just For YouSort: New ListingsSort: Most PhotosSort: Price (Lo-Hi)Sort: Price (Hi-Lo)Sort: MortgageSort: BedroomsSort: BathroomsSort: Square Feet4714 Creekside Park Ave, Orlando, FL 32811



2,947 sqft

4714 Creekside Park Ave

Florida Center North, Orlando, FL

6584 Swissco Dr #72, Orlando, FL 32822



1,120 sqft

6584 Swissco Dr #72

Airport North, Orlando, FL

907 Weber St, Orlando, FL 32803



1,328 sqft

907 Weber St

Park Lake-Highland, Orlando, FL

4065 Minoso St, Orlando, FL 32811



2,464 sqft

4065 Minoso St

Roosevelt Park, Orlando, FL

9926 Loblolly Pine Cir, Orlando, FL 32827NEW



4,145 sqft

9926 Loblolly Pine Cir

Northlake Park at Lake Nona, Orlando, FL

3046 Youngford St, Orlando, FL 32824


3,710 sqft

3046 Youngford St

Meadow Woods, Orlando, FL

11104 Hambley Ave, Orlando, FL 32837NEW



1,377 sqft

11104 Hambley Ave

Orlando, FL

5035 Heartland St, Orlando, FL 32829



2,240 sqft

5035 Heartland St

Vista East, Orlando, FL

728 Seminole Ave, Orlando, FL 32804


1,500 sqft

728 Seminole Ave

College Park, Orlando, FL

1930 Derby Glen Dr, Orlando, FL 32837


3,301 sqft

1930 Derby Glen Dr

Orlando, FL

13231 Sobrado Dr, Orlando, FL 32837



3,047 sqft

13231 Sobrado Dr

Hunters Creek, Orlando, FL

13130 Odyssey Lake Way, Orlando, FL 32826NEW



1,095 sqft

13130 Odyssey Lake Way

Orlando, FL

5113 Mystic Point Ct, Orlando, FL 32812



1,822 sqft

5113 Mystic Point Ct

Mariners Village, Orlando, FL

14635 Braddock Oak Dr, Orlando, FL 32837


3,663 sqft

14635 Braddock Oak Dr

Hunters Creek, Orlando, FL

2842 Silver Spur Ln, Orlando, FL 32822



1,232 sqft

2842 Silver Spur Ln

Orlando, FL

208 Whiterapids Ct, Orlando, FL 32828



1,513 sqft

208 Whiterapids Ct

Alafaya, Orlando, FL

8126 Anatto Ct, Orlando, FL 32822



2,039 sqft

8126 Anatto Ct

Orlando, FL

13158 Baltimore Woods Ln, Orlando, FL 32824


2,319 sqft

13158 Baltimore Woods Ln

Meadow Woods, Orlando, FL

11558 Thurston Way, Orlando, FL 32837



1,236 sqft

11558 Thurston Way

Orlando, FL

10646 Bannan St, Orlando, FL 32832



2,623 sqft

10646 Bannan St

Randal Park, Orlando, FL

4836 Native Dancer Ln, Orlando, FL 32826



1,987 sqft

4836 Native Dancer Ln

Orlando, FL

14024 Agre Ln, Orlando, FL 32827



3,453 sqft

14024 Agre Ln

Lake Nona South, Orlando, FL

311 W Par St, Orlando, FL 32804



3,005 sqft

311 W Par St

College Park, Orlando, FL

14408 Fawnhaven Ct, Orlando, FL 32828



3,419 sqft

14408 Fawnhaven Ct

Alafaya, Orlando, FL

3986 Kiawa Dr, Orlando, FL 32837NEW



2,317 sqft

3986 Kiawa Dr

Hunters Creek, Orlando, FL

9547 Blandford Rd, Orlando, FL 32827



5,246 sqft

9547 Blandford Rd

Lake Nona Estates, Orlando, FL

269 Briar Bay Cir, Orlando, FL 32825



1,366 sqft

269 Briar Bay Cir

Union Park, Orlando, FL

3217 Raven Rd, Orlando, FL 32803



1,871 sqft

3217 Raven Rd

Audubon Park, Orlando, FL

12672 Lakebrook Dr, Orlando, FL 32828



2,487 sqft

12672 Lakebrook Dr

Alafaya, Orlando, FL

6593 Queens Borough Ave #202, Orlando, FL 32835


1,600 sqft

6593 Queens Borough Ave #202

Metro West, Orlando, FL

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Electric Zoo 2020 Lineup Tickets Schedule Theme

Electric Zoo 2020 is the go-to electronic music festival in New York as one the biggest, baddest festivals in the city. It features a lineup of house music, trance, dubstep, electro and more! Check back for lineup announcements!


Electric Zoo 2020 tickets are on sale! They’re available as General Admission, VIP and Platinum tickets. Ferry tickets and Brooklyn Shuttle passes are also available. Hit the ticket section farther below for details and access to Electric Zoo tickets.


The official Electric Zoo 2020 dates are Sept. 4 – 6! It’s a new weekend for the festival and it’s been confirmed in a tweet from the festival.


The festival has a theme each year, and the Electric Zoo theme for 2020 is Supernaturals. They kicked it off with an announcement on Twitter that read “It’s about to get weird with the supernaturals.” Past Electric Zoo themes have included Electric Zoo: Evolved, The BIG 10, Urban Jungle, the Wild Island, the 6th Boro and more. EZoo has def stood the test of time.


The last Electric Zoo lineup had people like Alison Wonderland, Eric Prydz, Dog Blood, Ganja White Night, Excision, Flux Pavilion and more. The Electric Zoo Pryda Arena lineup made its first U.S. festival appearance at Randall’s Island Park and had Eric Prydz, Green Velvet, Cristoph among others.


You can check out great Electric Zoo stages like the Main Stage, Hilltop Arena, Sunday School Grove and Riverside. Each caters to a different experience. Ezoo afterparties happen at venues like King’s Hall, Output and Schimanski, as well as other places.


The Electric Zoo 2020 lineup and Electric Zoo 2020 tickets are below!









Electric Zoo tickets are on sale! They’re available as General Admission, VIP and Platinum tickets. Ferry tickets and Brooklyn Shuttle passes are also available.








Electric Zoo 2020 lineup


The Electric Zoo lineup for 2020 hasn’t been announced let. Check back for updates!





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Did Your Concert Get Postponed Here’s How to Get a

Chances are, if you’re a music fan, at least one concert you’ve been eagerly anticipating has been postponed because of the coronavirus pandemic. And the keyword there? Postponed.

In the face of the crisis, promoters have almost uniformly opted to postpone events, many of them indefinitely, rather than cancel them outright. Though nobody was lining up to sing the praises of major corporations like Live Nation (owner of the broker Ticketmaster) before this unprecedented event, it has shone a light on the lengths to which concert promoters will go to avoid giving concertgoers refunds.

Miami’s own Ultra Music Festival was one of the first major events in the nation to be postponed because of the outbreak. It was also one of the first to take advantage of the difference between “postponed” and “canceled.” Ultra effectively canceled its 2020 edition, but rather than refund ticketholders who had shelled out hundreds of dollars to rave in Bayfront Park, organizers “postponed” the event until 2021.

Though the seminal EDM festival assured would-have-been attendees that the previously announced 2020 lineup would carry over to next year, it paid no mind to the vicissitudes that take place in the life of an average festivalgoer over 365 days. Many are students who will (or won’t) move to or from colleges, some will take jobs and relocate for work, and others will undoubtedly be forced out of South Florida after falling victim to pandemic-prompted layoffs.

Moreover, people who purchase tickets to a festival in March 2020 plunked down cash for a March 2020 event, not a 2021 one. Pushing off an annual festival for an entire year isn’t a postponement, no matter how fervently promoters would like you to believe it is.

Where does that leave disappointed ticket buyers, especially those who need a refund now more than ever in the face of unimaginable financial hardship?

Anecdotal accounts have indicated they can get their money back by working directly with banks and credit card companies. But it has been nearly impossible to pin down the effectiveness of that method. No two cases are created equal, as indicated by this real-world scenario: Two friends of mine filed claims with their respective banks at the same time to request refunds to the same event, the 2020 New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival. Both claimed they wouldn’t be able to attend the event, which had been postponed from spring till fall. One received a refund; the other did not. (Last week, the fest was finally canceled, and everyone who had purchased tickets got refunds.)

After weeks of increasingly vitriolic backlash from ticket buyers, the nation’s two largest concert promoters, Live Nation and AEG, acquiesced and announced plans to offer refunds. But that seemingly simple move is mired in fine-print details, such as the fact that only shows that have been officially rescheduled — as opposed to postponed indefinitely — will be eligible for refunds.

That said, below are details about refund policies for South Florida’s leading music festivals and the major promoters and ticketing services that handle most concerts.

It’s no secret that Ticketmaster is the largest ticket broker in the world, and ticketholders have been quick to chastise the Live Nation subsidiary for its hesitation to offer refunds. Even politicians got in on the action: Two Democratic members of Congress wrote a letter to the company that reads, in part, “With Americans weathering the brutal and continuing impacts of this global crisis, your decision to confiscate their money is reprehensible and should be reversed immediately.”

After weeks of silence, both Live Nation and AEG announced a plan to offer refunds for events that have been postponed. Beginning May 1, any events that have been rescheduled with new dates will be eligible for refunds. From that point on, refunds will be available for 30 days beginning from the announcement of the rescheduled date. Visit for complete details.

This online ticketing service, widely used by smaller venues, is accepting refund requests — but only for events that meet a particular set of circumstances. Eligible events must have been canceled, with tickets purchased before March 15, and the event must have been scheduled to take place between March 15 and May 15. Because Eventbrite serves as a middleman between the organizers who list tickets on the website and the buyers who purchase them, the service is also offering details about how to reach out directly to event organizers. Visit for more information.

Because StubHub deals only in the secondary ticket market, obtaining refunds for tickets purchased through the service is even more of a nightmare than with primary sellers. It appears that no matter the status of an event, StubHub users won’t get their money back. The website is not offering any resources for those who bought tickets to postponed events, other than to say it will reach out when new event details become available. If an event is canceled, ticketholders will receive a StubHub voucher for 120 percent of the value of the ticket purchased — not an actual refund. Visit for details.

Ultra was the first U.S. music festival to address the coronavirus crisis, and it did so by controversially “rescheduling” its 2020 iteration to 2021, effectively canceling this year’s event. It has offered several exclusive benefits to 2020 ticketholders, but it is not offering refunds.

Rolling Loud, pursuing a tack similar to Ultra’s, postponed its 2020 festival till February 2021 while keeping the same lineup. The big difference: It’s offering refunds. In a statement announcing the new dates, the organizers wrote, “If you need a refund, don’t worry, we got you.” Ticketholders should have received an April 8 email from the festival containing instructions on how to obtain a refund.

The Wynwood festival’s organizers were working furiously behind the scenes to reschedule this year’s event and maintain as much of the lineup as possible — an impressive feat amid the turmoil that has overtaken the live-music industry. Unfortunately, the window for festivalgoers to request a refund has closed. All previously purchased tickets are valid for the new, October dates.